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    Value of a damaged guitar?

    The actor or the periodontist?
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    NGD: Squier Protone Olympic white

    Pro Tone production was only from '96 to '98 so somewhere in there. I have a ('96) Pro Tone 5 string P-bass. It's fantastic.
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    Sorry - off strat-topic: Squier Starfire Hollowbody

    Not able to post a Starfire pic at the moment. Value in "mint" condition with HSC?
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    Sorry - off strat-topic: Squier Starfire Hollowbody

    Any thoughts on these?
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    NGD - Fernandes RST 50 Stratocaster 1984

    Nice but that's Daryl Hall. John is the Oates in H&O... :) Great colour!
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    Any guitar magazines worth getting?

    I like Vintage Guitar and Premier Guitar. Cheap cover price and no tabs/charts which are wasted on moi
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    Yay new guitar room

    Does that top cross brace work as a footrest?
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    Squier bass

    I'd go with the VM Jag. Lots more tonal flexibility with the split P and J single-coils. Looks way cooler too IMO. I normally play standard scale, but I do have a Gretsch Junior Jet II in my stable which is pretty fun - that might be a SS contender as well.
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    Strat-Talk GUITAR CENSUS 2018, your post matters!!!

    Basses: Fender Precision Plus (MIA 1990) Reverend Mercalli 4 Squier Pro-tone V (MIK 1996) Gretsch G2224 Junior Jet Bass II Electrics: Fender Contemporary Strat Deluxe (MIJ 1985) Danelectro DC-59 Pro Reissue Musicvox Space Cadet (MIK 1999) Acoustics: Taylor 110e Blueridge BR-142 1568 + 9...
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    Anyone using one of those fancy guitar case stands?

    Concur - these are awesome. I have 2 acoustics, 2 electrics and 4 basses racked on mine at present.
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    Better value? Squier Silver Series or Squier Pro Tone?

    Agree. I have a Protone V bass, a buddy with a P/T Tele and another with a P/T Strat. Great instruments. Just my $0.02. Not familiar with the Silver Series.
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    NGD blonde protone

    Me too and still have it (my Protone V). It's a helluva 5-banger.