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    Your favorite guitarists?

    Your top 10 is more than my top ten.
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    Don't judge me!

    Too late.
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    Cracking Lush Life.

    That is super cool. Im guessing you have a chart? The chart should get you started. If you are in a combo context, I like using 3 note voicings, to leave space for others. If you are trying to learn solo style, obviously you have to come up with a fuller arrangement. One way to do it is...
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    Did you say somewhere what amp you are using? Fwiw, I just got a mosky golden horse for fatter bridge tones. It not very punk but does work. SD1 as well. Or, you could grab an eq pedal. A Small board is not really any extra hassle to set up.
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    NAD: Soldano SLO-30

    But, did you get it for your birthday?
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    inexpensive overdrive for my tube amp..

    I recently got a Klone called Golden Horse by Mosky. Its anything but transparent except at no/low gain setting. I second the blues driver. I dont think there really is a perfect "transparent" od pedal but a blues driver is somewhat close. I tried a Timmy and meh. Shocked how popular they...
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    You need an echoplex.
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    How Many of You…

    Honestly, my wife would not know what to buy me but, she was on board with this.
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    JC era Les Paul standard review

    Looks great! What is JC?
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    Well, it is Paris.
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    I tried. My adult kids loved it. I thought it was kinda meh.
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    For Sale SOLD

    Not sure how I missed this but, 525 is too much for me....
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    How perfect does it have to be?

    I dunno. I strive for perfection and never get there. I recorded a cd with my band in the 90s. I can hear so many things I would go back and fix. Whenever I share it with people they are polite but never excited so, meh. I still like it. I dunno. Im much much pickier than I used to be so...
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    Advice on Seymour Duncan SSL-1 height setup / vintage stagger string pull :(

    Sometimes, "sounds better" is just louder. Not objectively better. I lower them so that there is no magnet pull from neck pickup when fretting 12th fret. None. Yes its quieter but, wait a day and try compensating with amp volume and tone knobs if desired. I say to wait a day because, when...
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    Nothing like 72 new picks!